New Blog

02 August 2015

Welcome to my new, under-construction blog. It is built using the following tools:

I was inspired to use the approach by Cédric Champeau, who wrote the JBake Gradle Plugin and a blog post, Authoring your blog on GitHub with JBake and Gradle, about how he created his blog.

I’m doing a few things differently from Cédric:

  1. My site/blog is a GitHub User Page, his is a Github Project Page (for repository melix/blog)

    1. The repository name is of the format

    2. The source code lives in the source branch and the rendered HTML is pushed to the master branch.

  2. I’m using the Thymeleaf JBake templates (and Cédric is using Freemarker — what, not Groovy?)

I’m also hoping to migrate content from, my 10-year-old DocBook Website-powered site, register a custom domain, and replace that site. I’ve used XSLT to convert my DocBook-Website XML files to regular DocBook XML and then PanDoc to convert them to AsciiDoc format. Some manual massaging is still needed. Stay tuned…​

Older posts are available in the archive.